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1635 S 21st Ave, Hollywood, FL 33020

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We'll Make Your Pets Truly Happy

What a delightful welcome! I am Adrian and together with my team we create Adi Pet Care, we pride ourselves on being more than just a pet care service—we’re a haven of happiness tailored specifically for your beloved furry companions. Our dedicated team is fueled by a genuine passion for animals, making it our mission to create moments of sheer joy and comfort for your pets in a new 1000-square-foot business space, with an adorable wrap window sign, offers a fresh, modern space in Hollywood, Florida

We firmly believe that every pet is one of a kind, deserving personalized attention and care. From the spirited playtime in our day care to the tranquil and pampering grooming sessions, we make it our priority to understand and cater to the unique personalities and needs of each furry friend. After all, their well-being and happiness are at the core of everything we do.


what we do

Extensive Pet Services

From professional grooming that leaves them feeling like royalty to engaging day care where they frolic and make new friends, at Adi Pet Care we're dedicated to catering to their every need.

Professional Grooming

With a focus on safety, comfort, and personalized care, we pamper your furry friends while enhancing their well-being and leaving them looking their absolute best.
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From regular feeding schedules to playtime and cozy resting areas, we strive to make their time with us an enjoyable and stress-free experience.
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Pet Day Care

With tailored activities, ample space to roam, and supervised interactions, we ensure your pets receive the attention and engagement they need while you're away.
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Grooming School

At our grooming school, your furry companions receive top-notch care while our expert instructors impart invaluable grooming techniques.
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The care with which they treat my dogs is as good as my family’s. They take their time to ensure the grooming is done right! The dogs always come back clean and smelling fresh. I would highly recommend this for your dog.

Jennifer Lee


Amy has been taking care of Oliver and Lulu for over a year now and I am so happy with her service! I was afraid of leaving the dogs at home while I am at work all day, but not any more.

Janette Gordon

Business Owner

Thank you for professional approach to every situation! My cat likes her new bed and toys. I would definitely recommend your shop to pet lovers because the assortment is great and delivery is very fast.

Linda Moore

Office Manager
Pet Lovers

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1635 S 21st Ave, Hollywood FL 33020


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